(Very Asynchronous) Highlights from the “III incontro di Filologia Digitale” (Verona 3-5 marzo 2010)

3-5 March 2010 in Verona was held the third edition of the “Incontro di Filologia Digitale”, a three day meeting with more than 15 presentations totally organized by Adele Cipolla, Paola Cotticelli, Roberto Rosselli del Turco.

The asynchronous highlights from the conference here presented were selected according to my personal interests. For a complete overview please refer to the program and the full list of presentations.

A bunch of presentations was related to epigraphy: Anelli, Muscariello and Sarullo talked about “The Digital Edition of Epigraphic Texts as Research Tool: the ILA Project”; Farina presented an “Electronic Analysis and Organization of the Syro-Turkic Inscriptions of China and Central Asia” and finally …

Barbera (hand out not available) and Tomatis presented the advancements of the Corpus Taurinense project, a corpus of texts written in XIII century Italian. After Barbera’s brilliant introduction to the corpus, Tomatis focussed on the problem of disambiguating POS tagging.


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